At Sizer School, three questions provide focus to the ongoing development of a rigorous program of study that is designed to improve academic outcomes for all students:

  • “What is essential for students to know, understand, and be able to do?”
  • “How do we know if they know it?”
  • “How do we respond if students don’t know or already know it?”  

All Sizer students are expected to demonstrate mastery of all grade-level learning goals -  clearly defined, vertically aligned standards for grades 7-12.  The Learning Goals identify what is most essential for students’ ongoing success in school (or any next level of learning), formal & informal assessments, and life.  These learning goals apply to all students, and each student’s progress toward mastery of the learning goals is monitored in Advisory through ongoing portfolio development and presented to families twice each year.  In addition, the ongoing analysis of student level data allows the school to truly personalize the learning program for each student. Every six weeks student progress towards standards is assessed and changes are made to instruction, student placement in math classes and literacy and math interventions or enrichment classes. Portfolios provide rich, meaningful feedback regarding each student’s progress via multiple and varied forms of assessment.

Please refer to our Program of Studies below.