College and Career Readiness


At Sizer School, the progression of a student throughout their life is an exciting journey to watch.  Our objective is to help our students find their path; to help them determine which opportunities, academic programs, or colleges are right for them.  Through this process we help to minimize the uncertainty and provide resources and information that help them make decisions that are best suited to them.

Making successful choices require thoughtful insight.  Students need to match their interests, abilities, needs, and goals with the character of each college or transition choice.  This is often not an easy challenge.  In an effort to ease the stress and understand the dynamics, our Guidance Team can help. 

We are available to our students and their families with determining post-graduation options, preparing for the college application and admission process, understanding financial aid and loan options, and making enrollment decisions. Through this exciting journey, students discover so many opportunities that they are often unaware were even available.  We look forward to supporting them along the way.

Career and college counseling, career networking, and resume assistance are all available to our current students, as well as alumni. For an appointment or to request a transcript, please contact Ms. Currallo via phone or email at: (978) 345-2701 ext. 421 /

In the mean time, here are some valuable resources to help you through your journey:

o   College Board:              

o   The Common Application:

o   MEFA:                          

                                                           *MEFA Guide to College Admissions


Please feel free to review the link below regarding The MEFA Guide to College Financing.

YourPlanForTheFuture is a resource that can help every student excel. is the state's no-cost, one-stop online shop for students, parents, and educators designed to help Massachusetts students manage their educational and career pathways. YourPlanForTheFuture has been adopted by more than 140 high schools, representing more than 140,000 students from all corners of the Commonwealth. Leveraging technologies and online user experiences intuitive to students of today, YourPlanForTheFuture centralizes all the key planning elements of a student's educational career, including interactive planning tools, personal portfolio development, and key milestone reminders such as college application and financial aid deadlines. 

Are you ready to apply to college?  It is imperative for any financial planning to complete a FAFSA Application.  Please refer to their site for all of the information that you need to know to get the support you need (or not).  You may not need the financial support in your first year, but circumstances can change.  If you apply each year you are in a better position to get services should your circumstances change:

You may come across some colleges that do not accept the Common Application and will have one of their own.  In addition, you may come across some private colleges and universities that in addition to the Common Application, will also require the CSS profile. Please see the college’s website or contact their financial aid office for more information.

DUAL ENROLLMENT-  is that an appropriate path for you?  Juniors and seniors interested in Dual Enrollment should review the following links to see if it is the right path for you to consider and/or follow:

Fitchburg State University

Mount Wachusett Community College