Health Services

School Nurse:

E. Myriah Zwicker, BSN, RN, NCSN

Phone: (978) 345-2701 ext. 423                                                                            

Confidential Fax: (855) 263-1673
E-mail: zwickerm at sizerschool dot org


School Health Mission Statement

The school nurse promotes academic achievement by through student health and  attendance in school.  This will be achieved by nursing assessment, interventions, and health promotion in a safe and caring environment, and collaboration with families, the educational team and community agencies.

School Health Services provided

  • Nursing assessment and intervention.
  • Health counseling & information.
  • Medication administration.
  • Maintenance of Health Records.
  • First aid response and care.
  • State mandated health screenings.
  • Communicable disease control.
  • Medical emergency management.
  • Resource for Community resources connections.

State Mandated-Yearly Screenings

  • Vision & Hearing – Grades 7 & 10
  • Height & Weight [body mass index (BMI) calculated] – Grades 7 & 10
  • Scoliosis/Postural – Grades 7-9
  • Any student that fails a screening or falls outside of the normal limits for any screening will receive a letter of notification to their home.

School Health Regulations

  • All Medications Administered in School Must:
    •  Have a signed doctor’s order
    •  Written parental consent. 
    • Be in the original pharmacy labeled container with the directions clearly labeled
    • Medications must be brought to school by an adult and picked up at the end of school year by an adult. Be kept in the Health Office
    • Orders expire at the completion of the school year.
    • Epi-pensand Inhalers may be carried by a student under special circumstances.  A physician’s order must be kept in the Health Office and permission must be given by the school nurse.
    • Overnight field trips or trips outside of school hours: any student that normally takes their medication at home before the school day or in the evening after school, but is planning to take medication on a trip will need to follow the same process described above in order to take medication on the trip.  An up-to-date physical exam needs to be on file in the nurse's office for overnight trips.
  • Health records (Immunizations and Physicals)
    • Students must have all required immunizations to attend school, (incoming 7th graders must have a tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis (Tdap) and Hepatitis B series - 3 shots, and documentation of having chicken pox or the vaccination unless religious or medical exemptions in writing apply.
    •  Massachusetts School Immunization Requirements have been updated recently; please click the hyperlink for the requirements. (Insert Mass School Immunization Record link in bolded words) If vaccination documentation is not provided, the student will be subject to exclusion from school.
    • Physical examinations are required for any new student transferring to a new school, and every four years of school (K, 4, 8, 12)for all students, per state requirements.
    • Student’s playing a school sponsored sport must have a yearly updated physical to participate in that sport.  Copies of physicals should e given to the School Nurse.

Part of the way we keep Sizer School healthy is by staying at home when we are sick. We ask that students be kept home from school if they have  any of the following symptoms:

  • Temperature of 100 degrees F. or greater
  • A persistent cough or cold
  • Vomiting or diarrhea within the past 12 hours
  • A skin rash that cannot be identified
  • Red, itchy eyes with drainage (pink eye)
  • A documented contagious illness (chickenpox, strep throat, flu)

~Medically excused absences will be assigned to days missed when accompanied by a Doctor/Licensed Provider’s Medical note~


Necessary Medical Forms are available below: