Sizer School Foundation FAQ

Sizer School Foundation - Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Sizer School Foundation?

The Sizer School Foundation is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit whose purpose is to support the students of Sizer School. The Foundation was started in 2002 when the school opened as a means of gathering additional funds for the school. The actions and operations of the Foundation are managed by the Foundation Board. The mission of the Foundation is to ensure Access & Equity for all students. 

Why does the Sizer School need these donations?

Like all Charter Schools, Sizer School receives a per-pupil tuition from the state to pay for the operations of our school. However, the education offered at Sizer is more expensive than that baseline amount. Many of our families cannot afford to pay extra fees for sports, clubs, field trips, or additional school supplies. The Sizer School Foundation bridges the gap between the budget we receive from the state and the reality of ensuring that all students can participate fully at school.

What are the Foundation funds used for?

The Sizer School Foundation contributes to all aspects of academic and extracurricular activities at Sizer School. The Foundation pays all or part of the field trip, transportation, and sports fees for our students on Free & Reduced lunch. Teachers can apply to the foundation for additional field trip costs, books or classroom equipment. This year, donations to the Foundation supported a science class field trip to the University of Maine, a 3-D printer in the library, and new iPads and laptop carts for our students.

Who donates to the Sizer School Foundation?

The Sizer School Foundation receives donations from current parents, alumni families, staff members, community supporters, local business, and grant-making institutions such as private Foundations. All donations, big and small, help us reach our goals!

If I make a small gift, will it matter?

Absolutely! Every gift, big and small, makes an important difference in the lives of our students. Even $10 can cover field trip fees and open the doors to active learning. 

How can I make a gift?

You can make a gift online or via cash & check. Donations can be sent to:


The Sizer School Foundation

500 Rindge Road

Fitchburg, MA 01420