Learning Goals


Learning Goals represent those standards that are essential for students to master in order to demonstrate readiness for success at the next grade level and to be college/career ready.  These goals are vertically aligned in grades 7-11 and are designed backwards from those skills that we know students will need in order to successfully complete senior project.  Students are presented with portfolio-worthy projects in each course that are directly tied to these standards.  In order to meet a learning goal, students must present evidence of work that is at a MEETING or EXEMPLARY level (see Guide to Grading and Reporting).  Each course offers multiple opportunities to meet relevant learning goals.  Students receive the support they need from their teachers and advisors to complete and revise their work to an appropriate level.  Evidence of meeting each learning goal is organized into a portfolio that is formally presented to parents and advisors twice a year.



  •  Meet and Greet Portfolio Meeting (August, check school calendar for exact date)
  •  Mid-Year Portfolio Assessment (February, check school calendar for exact date)
  •  End of Year  Portfolio Assessment (June, check school calendar for exact date)