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Join other prospective families interested in learning more about Sizer School and what we have to offer. Our upcoming Information Sessions are:

Thursday, April 2 at Sizer School, 500 Rindge Rd. in Fitchburg at 4 p.m.

Note: Prior to this event, a public lottery will take place Wednesday, March 4 at 5:30 p.m. at Sizer School, 500 Rindge Rd. Fitchburg, MA 01420 with a snow date of Thursday, March 5 at 5:30 p.m.

If you are offered a seat at Sizer School on March 4 or are thinking of applying right now, then join families interested in learning more about Sizer School and what we have to offer during this Information Session presented by Recruitment and Communication Coordinator Lindsay Sauvageau.

This session will include a brief overview of Sizer School - who we are and what our mission is - with time afterward allotted for questions and applications.

Student Ambassadors will also be giving tours of the building at this time.

Can't make the Info session, but want more Information about Sizer School? Request a copy of the presentation now at

Sizer School, a North Central Charter Essential School, is a free public charter school located in Fitchburg serving students in grades seven through twelve from 25 local towns and cities. At Sizer School students are known personally, challenged intellectually, and participate actively in their learning. Guided by its commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, the school seeks to send graduates into the world who THINK for themselves, CARE about others, and ACT creatively and responsibly. To find out more, visit

Applications are being accepted for the 2020-2021 school year. Visit to apply.

A public lottery will take place Wednesday, March 4 at 5:30 p.m. at Sizer School, 500 Rindge Rd. Fitchburg, MA 01420 with a snow date  of Thursday, March 5 at 5:30 p.m.

info sessions

Now accepting applications for 2020-2021 School Year

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“We know every student by name. We want every student to succeed and they are an active participant in their own learning. We challenge every student academically and watch them rise to the occasion,” says Recruitment and Communication Coordinator Lindsay Sauvageau.

“Project-based learning, differentiated instruction, understanding each student - these are the ways our teachers coach and guide. Learning isn’t just about memorization, it’s about gaining a greater understanding of how the world works so that you can leave Sizer and be your best person,” continued Lunenburg-native Sauvageau.

Sizer School, located at 500 Rindge Road in Fitchburg, is a free, public charter school serving students in grades seven through twelve. As a North Central Charter Essential School, Sizer students are known personally, challenged intellectually, and participate actively in their learning. Guided by its commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, the school seeks to send graduates into the world who THINK for themselves, CARE about others, and ACT creatively and responsibly. Currently Sizer School is still accepting applications for grades 7, 8 and 9 for the 2020-2021 school year.

“Our school is made up of 370 students from 25 cities and towns. Our class sizes are between 15-20 with a student teacher ratio of 11:1. Being able to offer that kind of instruction has a real impact on the quality of education we can offer” said Sauvageau.

Students at Sizer School have access to award-winning athletics and arts programs, as well as a full range of after-school activities like Chess Club and Dungeons and Dragons. At the high school level, students take part in AP courses such as AP Physics and AP Environmental Geography. Through the Early High School STEM program, Sizer students can obtain as many as 12 college credits by attending Fitchburg State University, or Dual Enroll at either FSU or Mount Wachusett Community College.

Most recently, Sizer School has begun implementing the i-Ready diagnostic program.

“i-Ready allows teachers to get real-time data on where a student is academically in ELA and Mathematics so that classroom instruction can be adjusted to meet the students where they are and provide the best instructional support to get them where they need to be. The results so far have been tremendous,” said Sauvageau.

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General Information


Sizer School is chartered for up to 400 seats for grades 7 through 12. Sizer enrolls approximately 65-80 students at grade levels 7, 8 and 9. Sizer accepts applications for students entering grades 7, 8, and 9 and follows backfilling requirements as described below in sections 5 and 6.

Sizer School will only call for and accept applications for grades 10, 11, and 12 if determined necessary by factors such as size of current class, staff capacity, and overall enrollment needs. If Sizer School determines that it has openings in grades 10, 11, and/or 12, Sizer School will open an application process for the given grade(s), and will publish the number of seats available.

The total number of students attending Sizer School in a given school year cannot exceed the total number of students in the school’s pre-enrollment report submitted to the Department in the previous spring in accordance with 603 CMR 1.08(5) nor will the school admit students in excess of the school’s approved maximum enrollment.

Application Process

Sizer School’s application process is not integrated with that of our chartered districts (603 CMR 1.05(11)).

Sizer School’s principal application period is typically from November 1st until March 1st for the following school year. Applications for this principal lottery will not be accepted after March 1st at 11:59pm. Sizer School will re-open applications after March 1st at grades 7, 8, and/or 9 if the principal enrollment process fails to fill the available slots or the generated waitlist from the principal lottery at the respective grade level is exhausted. Note that in the instance in which Sizer School accepts additional applications for grades where a waitlist has already been established from the principal lottery, Sizer will exhaust the initial waitlist prior to holding another lottery for those additional applications.

Public notice of application deadlines is made at least one month in advance of the application deadline. Sizer School posts deadlines for accepting student applications in the enrollment section of the Sizer School website and on the Sizer School calendar (

To apply for the principal lottery to Sizer School for the upcoming school year, an application must be completed and submitted to the school prior  to March 1st. Applications can be filled out in the enrollment section of the school’s website ( To request a paper application, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to contact the Recruitment Office (, (978) 345-2701 ext. 411), or request one in person at Sizer School (603 CMR 1.05(6)).

Sizer School will not set any principal application deadlines or hold any enrollment lotteries for student admission for the upcoming school year until after January 1st and shall conclude its principal enrollment process no later than March 15th of each year (603 CMR 1.05(3)(c)).

For more information please contact the Student Recruitment office at or 978-345-2701 ext 411.

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Bus Schedules

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Interview with Matt, Class of 2018

Matt Marr, Class of 2018, will be going to Fitchburg State University next year to study Game Design. Matt has been a student at Sizer School since the seventh grade and in an interview with Ms. Craigen, described his seven year journey with Sizer.


Coming from Gardner Public Schools and homeschooling, Matt described himself as not being “very socially inclined” when he started in the middle of his seventh grade year. A friend had recommended Sizer to him and after doing a tour of the school, he was surprised by the smaller classroom settings and individualized attention that teachers were able to give the students. Soon after, he found himself falling in love with Sizer School’s mission and getting involved in multiple different activities at the school including athletics and after school programs.


Matt described his teachers at Sizer as “a good change” and attributed his abilities to overcome personal and emotional obstacles to his teachers and guidance counselors. It was in his two ninth grade years that Matt found his passion for singing and performing, participating in both Chorus and Sizer Theater Arts (SiTA). With his mother being a member of Sizer’s PTSO, he has volunteered for multiple events such as Open Mic Night, House of the Rising Starts, and spaghetti suppers.


In tenth grade he was persuaded by Mr. Prescott, Athletic Director and Cross Country Coach, to join the Cross Country team. Admittedly hesitant at first because of his distaste for exercising, Matt was surprised when he found a true passion for running.


“Mr. Prescott has said before that I’m the heart of the team. The truth is, he’s the one that really made me enthusiastic about running. One person that also made me happy to run and someone who inspired me to keep running is Julie Gambill [Class of 2016]. It has surprised me to notice it, but kids have started to look up to me as their role model too”.


After his first year of Cross Country, Matt also joined the Track and Field team alongside Coach Prescott. His advice to anyone is “Exercise is good for your physical and mental health! It will make you happier. Do it! Run! You’ll get better”. He plans to participate in Cross Country at Fitchburg State University in the Fall.


In addition to athletics, Matt successfully launched a Dungeons and Dragons after school club in the Winter of 2018 after multiple years of trial and error. He learned from his previous mistakes, adapted his approach, and started his senior year with optimism and positivity. With this and help from his peers and 12th grade teacher, Mrs. Sweeney, he created balance with academics and emotional stress; this allowed him to start this club after having tried three times before. Matt is passing the club leader responsibilities over to his peers and their intent is to continue meeting in the 2018-19 school year.


When asked what advice he would give to anyone who is considering coming to Sizer next year, he said, “We’re willing to help no matter where you come from and no matter what you’re background … we are always willing to help. We will be your shoulder to cry on if you need, your backup system if you’re having trouble with someone; but most importantly we are all your friends. And no matter what, we are here for you”.


Interview with Alex, Class of 2023

Photo of Alex wearing headphones in the computer lab.

One of Sizer’s teachers knows his mom, and told her about Sizer. Mom checked it out, and thought it would be good for Alex. He said it’s been fun to meet so many new students, and he also knew a few students from his old school that also chose Sizer this year.

Alex likes advisory especially because he gets to know other students even better. If you’ve met Alex, you KNOW he likes music. We asked him to tell us about music in his life. He has been making music for about two years. “I do mash-ups. I do classic hard style, big room, and electro house.” He says he specializes in big room, specifically electro-progressive type. He first discovered his interest in this hobby when he listened to a Big Room song on Youtube that his father had saved. “I remember the song that hooked me, ‘Ready for Action’ by Alvaro & Joey Dale. It got me interested in mashups and I wanted to make some.” His dad downloaded “Virtual DJ” and Alex started experimenting with it. When he had gotten used to the program and had practiced with it, he got his first 2-deck turntable, which came with Cross DJ software. “It let me do mashups but it didn’t have a lot of plug-ins, which limited me.”

Last year, he got his second turntable, a Numark Mixtrack Pro 3, one of the most professional turntables, as a gift from his grandparents, dad, and uncle. “I also got a laptop, because I needed it to do my mixing right on the turntables. I had the program Serato DJ Intro, but I couldn’t record on it, so I went back to Virtual DJ again.” Alex was excited to talk about the his new music coming up. He is working on his My Sound of Revealed 2016 Mashup pack. He’s got 52 mashups already of songs from 2016; he’s aiming for 60 songs. He’s also working on the first episode of his brand new radio show, called DJ Alexander on Air, or DJAOA for short.

You’ll be able to listen to it on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, or Wavo. If you’ve only got a few minutes, you can listen to minimixes on demodrop. It’s free to listen to DJ Alexander. Alex loves to talk to people about music, if you see him, please say hi! 


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