Lunch Program

At Sizer, we prepare our own lunches and there is no need to order in advance.  If a student doesn't bring his/her lunch and wants to eat, Get In Line!  We always prepare enough food for everyone. 

How do you pay? At Sizer, we have options.  Meals can be paid for:

  • individually at each meal

We can set up an account for your student, allowing payments

  • weekly
  • monthly
  • annually

Payments can be made via cash, check or on-line (click here)

What does your lunch include?

Each lunch consists of:

  • the entrée
  • 2 fruits and/or 2 veggie
  • milk is optional

Second helpings are not allowed.  Please get everything you need the first time though the line.

Do you Have Food Allergies?

Sizer School has a policy to address any food allergies.  If they apply to you, please review the policy below.