Forms and Information for Athletes

Athletics Eligibility:

Attendance Eligibility

  • Student athletes must be present in school in order to participate in that day’s athletic events.
  • Students must arrive to school no later than the 11:00 AM.
  • A student who is absent for the entire school day is not permitted to participate in a practice or game that day.
  • If students have an appointment that cannot be arranged outside of school hours, they must provide a note directly from their doctor’s office.
  • Students who are dismissed from school will not be allowed to participate in that day’s practice or game

Academic Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Students must obtain a passing grade in at least 5 classes.
  • This requires passing grades in both content understanding and work habits.
  • For fall sports, the student’s grades in the previous school year will determine their eligibility until the end of the first six-week unit, at which time eligibility will be reviewed.

Uniforms and Equipment: 

Student athletes and their parents/guardians are responsible for the student’s athletic uniform and equipment during the sport season.

  • All student athletes are required to turn in ALL athletic uniforms and equipment within one week of the final game of the season.
  • If the equipment and uniforms are not turned in by the end of the season, the student athlete and their parents/guardians will be expected to reimburse the Sizer School Athletic Department for the replacement cost of the equipment/uniforms not returned.
  • Student athletes who do not return their uniforms/equipment or do not financially reimburse the athletic department for their lost equipment will not be allowed to participate in any other Sizer School sports. If at the conclusion of the school year, student athletes still  have not turned in equipment or uniforms or reimburse Sizer School the replacement cost, their transcripts, report cards, and/or diplomas will be withheld until the items are paid for in full or returned.

All student-athletes must complete the following forms before clearance to play (PDFs below): 

  • Athletics Physical Form (good for 13 months)
  • Atheltics Parent Consent Form
  • Clearance For Play Card
  • Transportation Release Form