Concussion/Head Injury Clearance

At Sizer School, we take head injury very seriously.  Injury to the brain, at every level, has long term affects and require your immediate attention.  We ask that you become familiar with the necessary steps required to maintain the best health of your child:

Steps to Head Injury/Concussion Clearance

Step 1: Read Concussion Letter to Students athletes and parents/guardians on State mandated concussion/head injury forms

Step 2: Complete Pre-Participation Head Injury/Concussion Reporting Form for Extracurricular

Step 3: Drop off to Sizer School Office for Athletic Director Mr. Ryan Prescott

***Optional Materials:

  • Go to and watch Concussion in Sports
  • Heads X Up for Parents
  • Heads X Up for Athletes
  • Know Your Concussion ABCs