How to Start a Club




Thank you for your desire to start a club at Sizer School. Clubs are great ways to build friendships, get involved, and share your interests with others.

  1. Pick up a Club Application from the Enrichment Coordinator Ms. Vazquez or from the school office.
  2. Find a staff member who will agree to become the advisor for the club. Have them read over the Advisor Responsibilities and sign the Advisor Contract.
  3. Complete an Application and return it to the Enrichment Coordinator or drop off at the school office. The roster must have a minimum of 4 members in order to be considered for approval.
  4. The Application will then go through an approval process with the Principal and Enrichment Coordinator.
  5. Once approved, read and understand the “Club Packet” which includes information on:
  • Raising and Expending Funds
  • How to Submit an Item to the Friday Flash
  • Club Advisor Contract
  • Club Roster
  • Parent Consent Form
  • Facilities Use Form
  • Fundraiser Request Form
  • Requisition Form
  • End of the Day Announcement Form
  • Field Trip Request and Planning Forms
  • Overnight Field Trip Permission and Release Agreement
  • One Day Field Trip Permission & Release Agreement
  • Student Transportation in Private Vehicles
  • Renting or Chartering Private Transportation