Club Advisor Responsibilities




Thank you for being a club advisor! All advisor responsibilities are as follows:



1.      Make sure students have turned in a copy of the application, roster,  and advisor contract to the Enrichment Coordinator or school office.

2.      Advisors or a designated CORI’d adult must supervise and attend EVERY meeting or activity planned on and off campus.

3.      Keep track of attendance and monitor behavior.

4.      Submit attendance to the nurse so that she can notify you of any students that have medical conditions that may need support after school.

5.      Complete Incident Report if any injury occurs during your club time and submit to the nurse.

6.      Assist students in making their own decisions. Help students to clarify their goals, to work through their problems, to plan activities and to continually evaluate their efforts.

7.      Supervise nomination and appointment of officers and members.



1.      Be aware of all events and actions being planned. The advisor is responsible for the students and liable for all activities of the organization.

2.      Be sure that all planned events are chaperoned.

3.      For events using on-campus facilities (other than the Advisor’s own classroom), the advisor must complete the Facilities Use Form and send it to the Associate director of Operations (Ms. Macri). For fundraising events, the Advisor must complete the Fundraising Request Form.



1.      For purchase of materials for events and fundraisers, the advisor must complete a Requisition Form and submit to the Enrichment Coordinator.

2.      For any fundraiser, advisors must fill out the Request for Fundraiser form.

3.      The purpose of all purchases and fundraisers must be made clear up front to all possible participants and/or donors.



1.      Approve and sign all club announcements (End of the Day Announcements Form).

2.      Update the Friday Flash.

3.      Supervise and ensure that all signs hanging are approved and signed by Mr. Randall.


Field Trips:

1.      For any field trip off campus, the advisor must complete the Field Trip Request Form and submit to the Enrichment Coordinator, the Principal, Mr. Randall and the school nurse.

2.      Obtain Field Trip Permissions Slips from each student participating when necessary, bring them on the trip and keep them on file for the year.

3.      When applicable, have all necessary documents to transport students (see Student Transportation Policy).