Raising and Expending Funds




The basic purpose of raising and expending money by a student body organization is to promote the general welfare, morale and educational experiences of the students within the organization.

Procedure for Spending Funds

In order to spend any funds, the following procedure must happen:

1. A student proposes an event/fundraising event or materials needed for the club.

2. The club members vote on the proposed idea and the advisor makes the final decision and signs a Request for Fundraising form.

3. The club advisor completes either a

  • Requisition form and submits it to the Enrichment Coordinator. In this case the school will make the purchase.
  • Expense Report and submits it to the Enrichment Coordinator with the receipt. In this case, a club advisor is spending their own money and will be reimbursed by the school (an Expense Report must be completed and signed by the Enrichment Coordinator and one of the principals or the executive director BEFORE purchasing the items).

***Please Note: If a purchase is made without an Expense form , you risk the possibility of being held personally responsible for the purchase.

  • Request for Fundraiser and submits it to the Enrichment Coordinator

                    *** If you receive a donation from any source, please submit it to the business office and it will be recorded as a “donation” and deposited in the club account.  All Advisors are required to be present at all times when students are collecting money.

4. A copy of the Approved form is kept for the remainder of the year.