Book Review Sources

Book Review Sources
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Teen Ink: Book reviews written by teens

What should I read next?

Silent Sustained Reading, SSR

Twice a week, the Sizer community devotes advisory time to reading. Every student and teacher reads silently for 20 minutes.

Purposes for SSR

  • To increase the time students read.
  • To increase the amount of reading that students do.
  • Inspire/foster a love for reading.
  • Increase the time students read for pleasure and information.
  • Value and build on language, interests, and experiences students bring to school.
  • Learn about each other as readers.
  • Build reading confidence and independence.
  • Send implicit message that personal reading is a worthy act.
  • Provide time in the weekly Sizer academic schedule to support a community of readers.

Some benefits:

  • Students increase their personal vocabulary.
  • Students more often share and discuss texts read.
  • Students become more familiar with a wide variety of texts.
  • Students improve their fluency.

What is essential?

  1. Students read to themselves for a limited amount of time. It’s quiet.
  2. Each student selects his/her own book, magazine, or newspaper (appropriate for a school setting). No changing during the reading period is permitted. All materials must be chosen before SSR period begins.
  3. Students and teachers keep a simple record which captures the reading during the SSR time. This record is used for student self reflection, to help us know if our purposes are being met, and as a communication tool between student and teacher. A copy will go in the student’s portfolio.
  4. SSR is part of advisory and is part of the advisory effort grade.