Alumni News


Sizer students end up all over the country - and always accomplishing amazing things! Sizer 2015 graduate Deryn Susman is in her first year at Wagner College in New York. 

Even in her first months at college she is already setting standards for her classmates around her. After completing the first assignments in the required freshman seminar, she proved her writing abilities to be well above her peers - and even on the level of college graduates! Her professor was impressed with her writing and hasn't seen many students at Deryn's level as an entering freshman.

Deryn and her professor are petitioning the Education Department to allow her to spend first semester on a project about Reform of Special Education in addition to her freshman seminar. This independent project would be an extra opportunity for her to study a field that she's passionate about. This sort of project is unheard of for anyone at Wagner this early in their academic career.

Deryn's mother was feeling very proud, joking that she "sticks out [her] tongue at everyone who informed [her] that moving Deryn to a charter school was a huge mistake and that it was only a place for delinquents. Take that all you naysayers!" The family has two other students currently at Sizer, who also have their own impressive talents and skills. We look forward to seeing what all our Sizerites accomplish after they leave 500 Rindge Road! 

Congratulations Deryn!