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Teacher looking at TinkerCAD design on a student laptop.


Ever wonder why different civilizations evolved the way they did?

Our seventh grade Origins of Civilization class has been considering this as they study the path of Neolithic Settlers and the various challenges they faced as the first-ever farming tribes. The students first studied the various resources available to different areas of ancient Mesopotamia and decided which would be the best for civilization. They were given the challenges facing each area such as dry land or floods, and then asked to create differnet aspects of a village to combate those environmental challenges. 

The class turned to TinkerCad, a 3D design software, to create their own version of a Neolithic settlement. Some of the students who learned the program in Technology Class even got to teach the program to their classmates! They split into groups and were assigned different parts of the settlement such as houses, farms, and material stores. 

By taking the time to really dig deep into a topic, the students were able to learn and create amazing designs! 


Photo of student showing work on computer screen.