Interview with Alexis, Class of 2019

Photo of Alexis sitting on the risers in Mrs. Cordio's room.


1.  Did you choose Sizer or did your parents? Why?

My mom chose Sizer because she said it was the best school around. She did research on the internet. I decided to come here after I heard all about it from her. I think it’s a great school. I was literally failing all of my classes before and here I was able to receive a lot of help and after school help that brought my grades up.

2.  What is your favorite subject and why?

Chorus. Why? Because Mrs. Cordio teaches us how to use our vocal chords and its pretty amazing what we can do with our voices. I’m also a song writer and like to mix different types of music and make my own. She gives me a place to do that and be creative.

3.  Who is your hero and why?

My uncle Julio. He’s a really special person. He is a professional boxer and lives in Puerto Rico. I was struggling and going through a hard time and he came here for me. He taught me about respecting others and taught me to look at my actions and where they lead. He tries to teach me what not to do. He checks in and calls me and gives me great advice. He is my mentor.

4.  Do you participate in any clubs, sports, etc?

Right now I participate in chorus because I love music. Other than that I am usually working or with my girlfriend or with my family.

5.  Is there anything you’d share with a student who is considering coming to Sizer School?

Sizer School helps me move closer to making my dreams a reality. This community helps each other. So, even if you think you have a small dream, people get excited with you and make it a big deal here. I’m doing a coat drive and this school is really helping me make it successful. I’d like to let people know that if they have a coat, any size, please pass it along so we can get it into the hands of someone who needs it.


Ms. Vazquez: Where would you like to take your picture?

Alexis: In Mrs. Cordio’s room.

Ms. Vazquez: Of course, I should have guessed.

Alexis: *smiles*

As interviews go there are times when a particular answer to a standard question allows us to stray in another direction with other questions. Alexis shared a very touching story with me about his father reaching out to him after a decade of no contact and asked for his forgiveness. Most teens and even most adults would have turned away, choosing to focus on the hurt that has been created. Alexis is not like most teens, he chose to forgive and let go of the hurt. He chose to forgive. That story in and of itself speaks to the strong moral character of this young man and proves that no matter where he chooses to go in life, so long as he does so with that same sense of community, the spirit of love and the act of forgiveness, he will be able to make all of his dreams a reality.