Student-Designed Landscape Project Underway

Photo of teacher examining a butterfly on a plant leaf.


Spring is here...and Sizer students have been excited for flowers and garden beds since last fall! 

The Student-Designed Landscape Project has been a labor of love since 2014, inspired by local ecology and the empty spaces outside of our new school building. Students from Biology, Engineering, and Art classes have been working on different elements of the project from building garden beds, to testing soil samples, and raising money to purchase plants and trees. Back in the fall, members of our Ecology class visited the local Audubon society to learn about pollinator species including butterflies, bees, and bats that are essential to the ecology and wildlife in North Central Massacusetts. 

The hope is to have several different gardens around the outside of the school - a vegetable garden, an art and flower garden, a reading garden outside the library, and even a pollinator garden for local species like monarch butterflies. Exciting things happened this month as the Engineering students prepared one of the plots outside the school cafeteria. Assisted by Engineering teacher Chris Jeffcoat and Facilities Director Bill Clabough, the class marked out plots where raised vegetable garden beds will be installed. Students have been working hard on different aspects of this project for months, and everyone is thrilled to see their hard work paying off.

Keep an eye out for more developments as the weather gets warmer!


Garden beds being constructed out back of the school:

Photo of newly-built planting beds in front of building.