Interview with Alex, Class of 2023

Photo of Alex wearing headphones in the computer lab.

One of Sizer’s teachers knows his mom, and told her about Sizer. Mom checked it out, and thought it would be good for Alex. He said it’s been fun to meet so many new students, and he also knew a few students from his old school that also chose Sizer this year.

Alex likes advisory especially because he gets to know other students even better. If you’ve met Alex, you KNOW he likes music. We asked him to tell us about music in his life. He has been making music for about two years. “I do mash-ups. I do classic hard style, big room, and electro house.” He says he specializes in big room, specifically electro-progressive type. He first discovered his interest in this hobby when he listened to a Big Room song on Youtube that his father had saved. “I remember the song that hooked me, ‘Ready for Action’ by Alvaro & Joey Dale. It got me interested in mashups and I wanted to make some.” His dad downloaded “Virtual DJ” and Alex started experimenting with it. When he had gotten used to the program and had practiced with it, he got his first 2-deck turntable, which came with Cross DJ software. “It let me do mashups but it didn’t have a lot of plug-ins, which limited me.”

Last year, he got his second turntable, a Numark Mixtrack Pro 3, one of the most professional turntables, as a gift from his grandparents, dad, and uncle. “I also got a laptop, because I needed it to do my mixing right on the turntables. I had the program Serato DJ Intro, but I couldn’t record on it, so I went back to Virtual DJ again.” Alex was excited to talk about the his new music coming up. He is working on his My Sound of Revealed 2016 Mashup pack. He’s got 52 mashups already of songs from 2016; he’s aiming for 60 songs. He’s also working on the first episode of his brand new radio show, called DJ Alexander on Air, or DJAOA for short.

You’ll be able to listen to it on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, or Wavo. If you’ve only got a few minutes, you can listen to minimixes on demodrop. It’s free to listen to DJ Alexander. Alex loves to talk to people about music, if you see him, please say hi!