Sizer is...Academic Excellence

Photo of student making a presentation at Senior Project Night.


Every year, our 12th graders start preparing in the fall for their Senior Projects, a year-long cumulative assignment that includes elements of reserach, writing, product development, and presentation. Senior Product night is held in the spring of each school year and is a chance for our students to show the results of their project before presenting to a panel of teachers at the end of the year. 

Div 3 Social Studies teacher Ms. Sweeney describes Senior Product Night: 

"The culmination of Senior Project here at Sizer is a product, or concrete result of the research process.  The application of research is an exercise in synthesis: the assembling of critical elements of knowledge and to make or do something with that knowledge. After thoroughly researching their topics, Seniors create a product demonstrating mastery of their subjects.  They have wide discretion in choosing the type of product they wish to create. Ideally, the product should: reflect their understanding, serve as an extension of their learning, and communicate their mastery of the subject to an audience in a comprehensive manner.  Senior Project products can fall into four categories:  creating a physical product, creating an intellectual product, planning and executing an event or activity, or improving an existing system."

We are incredibly proud of this year's senior class and the confidence, professionalism, and knowledge they displayed at Product Night. Well done!