Dissemination of Practice


One of the best parts of being an innovative school is sharing our best practices with others so that our community can grow and learn together. As well as being listed in the Annual Reports, you can find some of the dissemination we're most proud of listed below. 


3D Printer and Technology

In the fall of 2013, Sizer School was offered the opportunity to beta test a 3D printer from NVBOTs for the school year. It quickly became very popular and in the spring of 2014 Sizer received a grant from the EPICS High School Engineering program to purchase a Makerbot printer. Since the fall of 2014, Sizer has had two 3D printers in our school, a NVBots printer, which is now leased and located in the library for easy access to all students, and a Makerbot printer, which is located in the engineering classroom.

Sizer regularly hosts nearby schools who want to observe and learn from our 3D printer and technology integration. Visitors from Dedham and Carlisle have viewed the printer, recieved model lesson plans, and talked with our Technology Integration Coach about best practices for bringing a 3D printer into their school. 

We are happy to host teachers who want to see the printers or  simply share ideas and thoughts on integration and maintenance via email. If you would like more information please contact  Linda Tarantino, tarantinol at sizerschool.org

To see videos, pictures, and sample lesson plans, check out the full course page at https://www.sizerschool.org/cw/course/view.php?id=205.


New Teachers Collaborative (NTC)

Coordinated by the Francis C. Parker Charter School in Devens, for many years Sizer School has been host to new and veteran teachers who want to learn more about the instructional methods at charter schools. 

We are excited to be working with the Parker Charter School on this project, and help foster the growth of educators in our community. Year-long teaching placements at Sizer help prepare NTC teachers for permanent instructional positions in schools across the state. 

To learn more about the NTC program, please visit the program webpage here