Sizer School Wellness Policy


In accordance with Federal Law, Sizer School has a Wellness Policy. Sizer recognizes that wellness is an important aspect to all members of the Sizer Community. Additionally, it is recognized that there is a relationship between student wellness and student academic achievement. Sizer is committed to addressing all aspects of health and wellness: physical, psycho social/emotional, social, intellectual, sexual, community, spiritual, and environmental health. Sizer School continues to promote life-long health and wellness through collaboration between curriculum, after school activities, and community connections. The wellness procedures and processes are evidence-based and implementation is multidisciplinary. Sizer School is in compliance with (MGL Chapter 71, Section 3), Healthy Hunger Free Kid Act 2010. Sizer School has developed and will maintain a Wellness Committee, comprised of a variety of stakeholders.

Sizer School promotes health and wellness for students and staff by following current federal, state and local statutes and regulations governing wellness. The Sizer School Wellness Committee provides oversight of the policy and regulations, and is the means for assessing and promoting a healthy environment for Sizer School. The Principal is the designated person charged with operational responsibility for ensuring that the school meets the local wellness policy requirements.

Sizer School’s Wellness Policy will be referenced in the student and family handbook and a full copy will be made available upon request.

Sizer school has developed the following goals to support student growth and development of wellness in the areas of physical, psycho-social emotional, social, intellectual, sexual, community, spiritual, and environmental:

• The physical education program should match the Massachusetts Health Curriculum Framework and the National Standards for Physical Education (NASPE).

• The Health Education program will match the Massachusetts Health Curriculum Framework and the National Health Education Standards.

• Making opportunities for physical activity available. • Middle school recess is encouraged to provide an academic break and promote physical activity.

• Physical activity programs, (e.g., intramurals, extra-curricular activities, interscholastic sports) will be available outside of school hours.

• Physical activity and food will not be used as punishment or as a reward.

• Food Service Program (including School Meals and Smart Snacks) will be in compliance with the USDA guidelines, and nutritional guidelines will be available on campus and online. Food and beverages provided, but not sold, to students during the school day will follow the recommendations for portion control and food groups.

• Students are given opportunities to develop positive relationships with peers through classroom-based instruction and activities and the developmental guidance curriculum.

• Creating opportunities for students’ social-emotional development through a range programs.

• Teachers and school staff will receive ongoing professional development to promote a safe, respectful and trauma-sensitive environment.

• Students will receive instruction about sexual wellbeing through a range of programs.

• Students will be encouraged to engage in the community inside and outside of Sizer School through a range of programs

• Sizer School will actively engage the Facilities Team and other stakeholders to promote an environmentally healthy school.

• Sizer has guidelines that are not less restrictive than USDA guidelines.

Measurement and Evaluation of the Local Wellness Policy, Sizer School has developed and will maintain a plan for how well the school the school meets the above goals. Sizer School will designate at least one person who maintains authority and responsibility to ensure Sizer’s compliance with this policy, to be responsible for ensuring that this policy is developed and implemented. Every three years, the Wellness Policy will be reviewed by the Wellness Committee and then shared with the Sizer Community including parents, teachers, students, and staff to provide an opportunity for feedback.

Board Approved 07/23/2018