Interview with Selah, Class of 2023

Portrait of Selah in the Atrium

Why did you choose Sizer?

I choose Sizer because my experience at my old school was interesting. I was surrounding myself with people who weren’t happy and I was sad when I came home. Sizer gave me the opportunity to start fresh with happier people.

What subject have you most improved in? How and why?

Definitely math. A LOT! I’ve been more involved and understand what I’m learning. I wasn’t so confident in math before coming to Sizer, but I am now.

Do you participate in any clubs, sports, etc?

Yes, I am in Student Ambassadors and Art Club.

Who or what inspires you? Why?

I would say my mom inspires me. She has five kids and three pets. No matter how stressed she gets, she comes through and knows what’s right for us (even when my siblings and I are stubborn).

Is there anything you would share with a student who is considering coming to Sizer?

I would share that I know that a lot of people who come to Sizer, come from a tough experience and seeking an escape. I’m not trying to say Sizer is perfect, but when there are struggles people care and try to help.