Friday Flash March 1, 2019

Students participating in a table read of a script written by a senior for their senior project.

Grandma says spring is right around the bend.

-KH, 7th grade Sizerite


We hope grandma is right!
Please check the Flash for news, events, and other great stuff!
We say Break a Leg to SiTA as they present their entry into METGs high school drama festival's preliminary competition this weekend, pool, (no water). 
Tuesday night the class of 2019 will be showcasing their Senior Project products from 6:00-7:30.  Our whole community is encouraged to come ask questions, see the Flash for details.
Don't forget the Parent Prom is a week from today.  Your parents can bring friends, and have a great time.  The dance floor will out, there'll be professional lights, trivia throughout the night, and we'll be looking for volunteers for a "Newlywed" style game.  Nitty-gritty details are in the Flash.
Have a great weekend!