9th & 10th Grade Field Trip to FSU

9th & 10th grade Sizer students learn the benefits of participating in the ECHS Stem Program

On October 23, 2019, 9th & 10th Grade Sizer students took a trip to Fitchburg State University to learn more about the Dual Enrollment and Early College High School STEM program opportunities available to all Sizer students. Fitchburg State was a gracious host, giving students tours of the campus, access to Science and Technology Professors who spoke about the benefits of their programs of study and the possibilities that the ECHS program presents to Sizer students and finally, supplied a delicious lunch from their dining hall. 

Responses to the field trip were positive and excited!

From the 9th Grade:

“I really enjoyed the trip, learning how the university functioned was quite interesting, and having my questions answered was very cool. It, might have ~changed my mind~ slightly about college and attending it.”

“I thought that the field trip yesterday was more than great. My favorite part was when the professors were answering questions on the podium.”

“I thought it was pretty fun. I liked getting a tour of the campus and having lunch in the dining hall.”

“I loved it! I think I would want to go there for college. It looked very nice and I can do professional writing there!”

“My favorite part was the food and it was pretty cool to see all that stuff.”

“I thought it was exciting, my favorite part was when we got to actually talk about the different types of majors and what you could possibly do in the class.”


From the 10th Grade:

"I don't just want to go here, I want to live here!"

"I can't WAIT to join the Game Design program!"

"I'd like to see more about the Professional Writing program."

"Can I start here, now,  as a 10th grader, or do I have to wait?!"

"The food is amazing!"

"This campus is just right for me!"

Sizer School has been offering innovative education since 2002, offering AP courses, technology enhanced coursework and 11:1 student teacher ratios. And partnerships with colleges like FSU and Mount Wachusett Community College, allow our students to get ahead of the game, gaining college credits for FREE while still in high school. 

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