Halloween Guidelines

All school dress codes apply to costumes as well.

Can I Wear A Halloween Costume to School?

Halloween costumes are allowed on Halloween, but all school dress codes apply.  Please remember the basic guidelines of decency (no violent, alcohol, or drug references), modesty (no skimpy clothing), and good taste for what is appropriate at school.

Particularly relevant are the following:

· No hats or headpieces

· No dark glasses

· No wigs

· No masks

· No makeup that makes identifying a student difficult

· No fake blood

· No weapons or simulations of weapons

If you can't participate properly or safely in your classes, including labs or wellness, then it should not be worn. Anyone that participates must be identifiable at all times, and their costume cannot be a distraction to the learning environment. Any student whose costumes creates an unsafe environment, or disrupts the learning environment, will be asked to change, so please be responsible and respectful in your choices.

And about that Candy?

Halloween candy does not conform to the USDA nutritional guidelines for school environments.  In addition, the presence of nuts and other allergens in Halloween candy can pose a serious health risk for students who may face exposure due to the presence of large quantities of candy being brought into the building.  In accordance with USDA nutritional guidelines and the Sizer School student and family handbook, please do not bring Halloween candy to school.  Thank you for helping to keep our community safe and healthy.