8th grade fundraising to support an epic field trip!

holiday cards
thank you cards

Have you ever needed a birthday card last minute and had to run out to the store and buy a super expensive $5 card? The 8th grade class is raising money for an epic field trip at the end of the year. To do so, they are selling boxes of beautiful handcrafted cards. Each box contains 30 or more cards and can be purchased for just $30. That equals $1 or less per card! What’s even better than this? The 8th grade receives $16 for every box sold!

There are 5 different boxes available for purchase:
1. All Occasions #1 (30 cards)
2. All Occasions #2 (30 cards)
3. Kid’s Birthday Box (30 cards)
4. Thanks and Blanks (30 cards)
5. Holiday Box (50 cards)
Please see a Sizer 8th grade student or team member to purchase boxes! All orders are due by December 2nd.
Questions? Contact Mrs. Verelst, verelsts@sizerschool.org.