Episode 2 of "The Talk" For Students By Students is now LIVE

The Talk For Students By Students Episode 2 is Live on Spotify

Last month, Sneha Verelst’s health students went live with the very first episode of their new podcast "The Talk" For Students By Students.

This first episode focused on Sexual Health Resources and featured two interviews with school staff members. The students who produced the segment were Elizabeth Waite of Lunenburg and Dominic Gionet and Kellianne Murphy, both of Fitchburg. While Murphy is a senior, Waite and Gionet are both 9th grade students.

Episode two focuses on Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships. It was produced by Sizer health students Taylor Willis (12th grade) of Baldwinville and Maggie Campbell (9th grade) of Gardner.

Both episodes are currently available at anchor.fm/verelsthealth and on Spotify. Soon, “The Talk” For Students By Students, will also be available on other podcast sites such as iTunes and Google Podcast.

Making these podcast episodes is a project for students in the high school Sexuality Education unit.

In her introduction, in each episode Verelst explains, “You will hear my students discussing important health topics to provide the most important, relevant and reliable information to you, their peers.”

The project requires students to first, come up with a topic of interest and then plan out a podcast that seeks to answer an essential question that students created for themselves, including a claim with evidence, and conclusion. Once completed, students then write a script for their episode. Finally, they record the episode on iPads and use GarageBand to edit and finalize it.

A Sizer School Senior, Kellianne Murphy, created the artwork for the podcast. So check out Episode 2: Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships, now live. And, to find out more about Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships, check out the resources below:

The Date Safe Project: www.thedatesafeproject.org

Features information on sexual assault, safe dating, consent issues, strategies for communication, self-esteem and mutual respect in healthy relationships

RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network): 1-800-656-4673

Call for crisis intervention and support, answers to questions regarding sexual assault, basic medical issues information, resources on the reporting process, referral services in your area and information for friends and family of survivors.

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233 www.thehotline.org

The hotline offers crisis intervention, safety planning, information about domestic violence, and referrals to local service providers. All calls are anonymous. Interpreter services are available.



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