Sizer School Junior Noah Chagnon honored with RPI Medal

Sizer Junior Noah Chagnon honored with RPI Medal

On Tuesday, May 5, Sizer School Junior Noah Chagnon was named this year's recipient of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Medal for the Class of 2021.

“It is with distinct pleasure that I announce … on behalf of Sizer School and the Math and Science Departments, that you are this year's recipient of the prestigious RPI Medal for the class of 2021,” said High School Counselor Lyndsie K. Currallo, in the announcement an email. “Sizer is able to select one student per graduating class who has shown strength and success in the fields of science and mathematics. This year, we have chosen you as our medal nominee.”

“We would have loved to have awarded this to you in person at a school wide community meeting this spring but alas, we are congratulating you in a different format this year,” noted Currallo.

“It’s a humbling experience for me. I do my best to excel in my coursework to ensure that I am learning the most. It sets me up for a better future,” remarked Chagnon following the announcement.

The official message from RPI read: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute congratulates you on being awarded the Rensselaer Medal! Founded in 1824, Rensselaer is the oldest technological institution in North America, and it is located in the Capital Region of New York State. This prestigious award has been awarded since 1916 to one student in any given high school and is designed to recognize that student’s strength and success in the fields of mathematics and science.

“Personally, both science and math provide the greatest intellectual challenge. The two are so intertwined that there is no escaping one or the other. That isn’t a problem for me, though. Each subject has a unique obstacle that has a reward for overcoming it. No feeling beats conquering a lengthy problem that employs the use of reasoning,” said Chagnon via email.

Chagnon says, “After graduation, I want to attend college for a degree in bioengineering. I was debating taking a gap year prior to getting a higher education. Though, this would be more of a hindrance to my education than a benefit. I most definitely want to continue learning. That much will remain forever unchanged.”

Sizer School Principal and Interim Executive Director Frederick Randall said, “We are extremely proud of Noah’s consistently high performance and interest in the fields of math and science. He is well deserving of the RPI Medal this year! We look forward to following Noah’s achievements with a focus on bioengineering.”

Chagnon cited Sizer School as having given him the tools for success.

“The community here, specifically the people who challenge me the most, have helped me realize my yearning for knowledge. For the most part, my goals for the future have also been molded by my work at Sizer. Honestly, I’m unsure what my future goals could have been otherwise,” he said.

As part of Noah’s course of studies while at Sizer, he is participating in the Early College High School program with a STEM pathway, taking courses at the Fitchburg State University campus.

In his email, Chagnon also noted that he wanted others to know, that they too have the ability to succeed.

“I feel like it is important for everyone to know that they have within themselves the ability to succeed, provided the right resources are allocated to them. Anyone can pierce through the daunting grey clouds when given the chance to shine their light,” he said.

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