Sizer School Class of 2020 honored by FSU

Class of 2020 honored by FSU

Last week, on May 14, Fitchburg State University President Richard S. Lapidus reached out to local schools to inform them that Fitchburg State University was making a special tribute to the Class of 2020.

In a letter to Sizer, Lapidus wrote:

"This school year was certainly not what any of us imagined it would be back in September. The coronavirus quickly upended everyone’s life this spring. Like all of you, I have been inspired by the resilience shown by our students, faculty and staff, who have stepped up in remarkable ways to make the academic year so successful, despite the unprecedented challenges.

Our entire Fitchburg community continued to stay active and thrive, albeit in a new way, under extraordinary circumstances. Now as the school year draws to a close, let’s celebrate together as a community all the students who have earned their places in the Class of 2020. Fitchburg State has arranged with the city to pay tribute to all of our respective graduates with congratulatory signs that are being erected on Main Street near Putnam Street, including one for the Sizer School.

He went on to say, "It is my hope that acknowledging our seniors, along with our entire community, will strengthen and spread our civic pride. Regardless where our graduates roam, Fitchburg will always be their home."

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