DeRienze wins first place in LUK Prevention art contest

DeRienze wins first place in LUK Prevention art contest

Congratulations to Megan DeRienze a 10th grade Sizer School student, for entering and winning the who won first place in the LUK Prevention Art Contest held in May.

LUK Prevention hosted an art contest from May 1st to May 22nd that invited youth to get creative and share their favorite forms of self-care while we practice safe social distancing. There were three age categories and winners in each. 

"Gild The High Walls," Megan's dynamic artwork, features two ladders on the outside of a building. Megan perched precariously on the top ladder reaches with a long paintbrush to work on a brightly colored painting that contrasts with the gray, rainy day.

Megan's artist statement reads, "As an artist and designer, I use art and the creative process as mental support during physical distancing. Thinking and making something that is beautiful and that makes me happy keeps me positive, busy, and entertained during this stressful time. Beautifying the world around me has always come naturally to me and gives me purpose."

Brava, Megan!