Sizer School End-of-Year Community Meeting and Senior Celebration

Community Meeting 2020
Class of 2020

On June 4, 2020, Sizer School in Fitchburg held their annual Year End Community Meeting Celebration virtually. Over 170 were in attendance. This event included special musical performances by graduates and staff as well as the naming of scholarship and award recipients and Senior Cording.

Below are the links to the Community Meeting and all individual videos shown during the meeting:


Sizer School Community Meeting 2020

Sizer School Senior Cording June 2020

Sizer School Staff perform "Seasons of Love" for The Class of 2020

"For Good" from Wicked, performed by Nancy Ralston & Taylor Willis

"You've Got A Friend" performed by Nora Savage

Ben Mulrenan shares some final words as the School's mascot the White Tiger

Sizer School, located at 500 Rindge Road in Fitchburg, is a free, public charter school serving students in grades seven through twelve. As a North Central Charter Essential School, Sizer students are known personally, challenged intellectually, and participate actively in their learning. Guided by its commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, the school seeks to send graduates into the world who THINK for themselves, CARE about others, and ACT creatively and responsibly. 

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